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Waste Decomposer Benefits

If you are performing farming on your terrace i.e. if you have roof garden and growing flowers or vegetables then you must know about an important product which will give a revolutionary change in your garden. 

By using this product We can make micro nutrients at home, we can make liquid fertilizers easily at home and we can get quality fruits, vegetables and flowers at our terrace garden. Yes we can get all this if we have 1 product and i.e. "Waste Decomposer".
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Waste Decomposer Benefits

What is waste decomposer?

National Centre of Organic Farming (NCOF) after having great research, made a powerful waste decomposer which is used to make compost easily and in very short period. It is used with the organic waste at home easily. 
This product is validated by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

Advantages of Waste Decomposer:

  • This can easily make compost if used as per instructions. 
  • It is used to make micro nutrients easily which are good for soil health, vegatable quality, flowers and fruits quality. 
  • It can be used by anyone easily. 
  • This waste decomposer is available at very low price of only Rs20 for 30gm.
  • There is no need to throw the kitchen waste, if you know the way to use them. 
  • Foliar spray with waste decomposer controls all types of bacterial, fungal and viral diseases effectively in different crops.
  • There is no need of Urea, Dap or any chemical if you use it. 
  • Waste decomposer application controls both root diseases and shoots diseases.

So Use it and apply in your terrace garden for healthy growth of your plants and enjoy fruits, vegetables of your own. 


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